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Telling the story of 'Welsh Plains'

Many of the Community Research Volunteers emailed in notes about findings, ideas, suggestions and resources, from this we have been able to populate this site, as well as our working site which includes more information which will be presented on the People's Collection - click HERE.

Prof Chris Evans has suported our work with a series of articles focussing on the use of Welsh Plains for clothing enslaved workers on plantations in the New World. Click HERE for an article from the Conversation 28 11 19 entitled "Atlantic slavery left its mark not just in wealthy city centres, but among the rural poor too"

Dr J E Howells approached us from the British Associaton for Local History. She is the Editor 'Local History News' and published this article in January 2020, click HERE 

Angharad Tomos, is a journalist and she wrote this article in the Daily Post after hearing Chris Evans speak about this project click HERE  We were delighted when Angharad contacted us at the National Eisteddfod to get support for her research to write a historical novel for young people in Wales comparing the story of the impoverished Welsh hill farming families and the enslaved families on plantations in Jamaica.

Llew Lewis from the Gywnedd Family History Society supported the project an arranged for us to have an article in their impressive journal and this was published in February 2020 Click HERE

Hilary Thomos, suggested we write an article for the national journal of the Guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers. Click HERE

We were delighted that the Gwynedd Family History Society were able to include an article in their journal 'Gwreiddiau Gwynedd Roots' about the project, and we were successfully able to share ideas with family history geneologists: click HERE    Thanks to Llew Lewis for arranging this. 

The Cambrian News ran this article in June 2020 click HERE


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